In today's rapidly evolving internet era, the production of advertising films has become a prevalent trend that is familiar to everyone. This modern and highly effective form of marketing is sought after by businesses aiming to promote their images, products, and services to a wide range of potential customers.

What is an advertising film?
Advertising films, also known as TVCs (Television Video Commercials), are a type of video advertisement broadcasted on television. TVCs typically showcase a business's products, services, brands, events, or promotions. There are various types of TVCs, including TVC ads (advertisements aired on television), iTVC (advertisements on social networks and websites), internal communication TVC (advertisements for culture and recruitment), and 3D advertising TVC (visually engaging 3D advertisements).

TVCs play a crucial role in businesses' marketing strategies, helping to promote their images, products, and services to a vast number of potential customers.

What is the ideal duration for TVC advertising?
As mentioned, there are several types of TVC advertising, but the most commonly known ones are TVC ads, iTVC, and internal communication TVC. Are the durations of these types of videos the same? Let's explore further.

TVC advertising on television:
- Duration of 60s+: This is an uncommon length for a TVC and is usually reserved for brands with compelling stories, strong emotional content, and high virality potential. An example is the TVC Neptune Tet 2013, which had a duration of 2 minutes. It portrayed a touching story about a deaf girl who longed to celebrate Tet (Vietnamese New Year) with her father, who had been away for a long time. The TVC gained viral status due to its emotional plot, emphasizing the importance of family love.

- Duration of 30s: This is the most popular and standard duration for TVCs. It provides enough time to advertise and effectively convey the brand's content and message to consumers. This duration strikes the right balance, neither being too long nor too short. It is also cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for many businesses.

- Duration of 15s: A 15s TVC serves the purpose of repeating a 30s TVC without incurring as much broadcasting cost. If a 30s TVC is booked for a two-month period, it can be seen as wasteful. Research shows that when consumers watch a TVC around 3-5 times per month, it is unnecessary to watch it for more than 30 seconds to remember the brand's message and image. Therefore, during the second month, a switch to a 15s TVC can be made. This duration is only effective when the brand has already broadcast the 30s TVC for a while.

- Duration of 5s: A 5s TVC is intended to serve as a reminder of the brand rather than building brand awareness from scratch. It assumes that consumers already have a clear understanding of the brand. Therefore, the focus is on making a brief appearance on screen to bring the brand to consumers' attention.

TVC advertising on social networks:
The ideal duration for TVC advertising on social networks depends on several factors, including the platform being used, the target audience, the advertising objective, and the budget available. While there is no specific rule, here are some general ideas regarding the optimal lengths for TVC advertising on social networks:

- Facebook: The best duration for TVC advertising on Facebook is typically between 15 and 30 seconds. With over 2.8 billion monthly users worldwide, Facebook serves as a popular platform for advertising. However, since users often scroll quickly through Facebook videos, it is essential to create short and engaging content that grabs their attention and effectively conveys the advertising message.

- YouTube: As the world's largest video-sharing platform, YouTube has become a crucial platform for building and growing a successful channel. The length of marketing videos on YouTube is an important factor. However, a specific duration is not mentioned in the provided content.

- TikTok: TikTok is a social media platform that focuses on short videos and has garnered over 1 billion app downloads. For TikTok, the best duration for TVC advertising is typically between 5 and 15 seconds. With the fast-paced and dynamic nature of TikTok, concise and creative ads can make a strong impression and capture user interest.

It's important to note that the duration of TVC advertising on social networks should be customized and tested to find the optimal length that suits the specific goals, target audience, and social media platform being utilized.

The primary goal of producing promotional videos:
There are two main types of goals in video production:

1. Thematic Goals: These goals focus on brand affirmation and product positioning. Within this category, there are two sub-goals:
- Awareness: Introducing new products, features, and beneficial uses to consumers.
- Loyalty: Building brand awareness and emphasizing emotional benefits.

Thematic videos serve the following functions:
- Penetration: These TVCs educate and persuade consumers about products or industries, help them overcome barriers, create needs, and encourage trial or reuse.
- Choice/Loyalty: These TVCs influence consumer decisions and may challenge competitor brands with higher status.
- Frequency & Consumption: These TVCs aim to create new consumption habits or increase the frequency of product usage.
- Promotion: These TVCs promote trade programs.

The choice of appropriate TVC implementation goals depends on the following factors:
- Industry maturity level
- Brand position in the industry

Generally, if it is a new industry with low penetration and limited consumer participation, TVCs should focus on increasing penetration. In mature industries where consumers are already familiar with brands and products, TVCs can be used to build awareness of new products, features, or to challenge competitors and gain market share. In saturated industries with leading brands, TVCs can help build audience loyalty, change consumption habits, increase frequency of use, or expand and grow the industry.

Kuda Media's TVC advertising production process:
To produce high-quality advertising films, close coordination is required between three departments: the agency (advertising company), the production house (producer), and the client (customer). The process involves:
- Prioritizing quality: Kuda Media ensures that the quality of its services greatly influences customers' perception of the company. With over 8 years of experience in the media industry, Kuda Media strives to deliver the best quality products to its customers.
- Cost-effective production: The company invests in modern and professional equipment to ensure high-quality footage. Kuda Media's dedicated team optimizes production time, saving customers' effort, time, and money.
- Creative team: The young and dynamic staff at Kuda Media quickly grasp trends and come up with unique and innovative ideas. They are dedicated, diligent, and passionate about their work.
- Professional and transparent processes: Kuda Media has established a systematic working process to provide customers with a clear and transparent overview of the business introduction video production process.

In the era of industry 4.0, business introduction videos serve as the face of a company to customers. Producing a business introduction video can further enhance a company's image. Kuda Media aims to help businesses present their best face with high-quality, neatly crafted, and perfect videos. Contact Kuda Media today for assistance in achieving your goals.


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