Founded in early 2020 at the onset of the first Covid season, aware of the situation and ahead of the trend, Kuda Media was born. We want to provide a full service advertising communication package to support businesses.

Kuda Media provides a variety of Online Marketing services such as taking care of Fanpage, Wedsite, Content, Design, web design, SEO and Google Ads, Facebook Ads, photography, video production, ... accompanies entrepreneurs and businesses overcome difficulties in bringing products and services to potential customers on multiple platforms. With a team of experienced marketing experts, Kuda Media has successfully consulted and deployed for over 100 businesses to attract potential customers to increase conversion rates and optimize costs.

Team Content

Mission: create services that meet the highest expectations of businesses, entrepreneurs and customers: evaluate products, survey markets and competitors, enhance brands and promote right to customers targets both at home and abroad.

Vision: The digital advertising communication gap 4.0 is gradually losing the role of traditional promotion channels, and the efficiency achieved is many times higher. And with data from search engines, customer research is almost absolutely accurate, so they have helped Kuda Media immediately evaluate the feasibility and results achieved in the nearest time. Therefore, we will become a professional and leading advertising media in Vietnam.​


Reputation comes first
Work from the heart
Constantly creating and improving capacity
Always promote the quintessence of customers' life and true values
Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on business strategy, marketing and a deeper picture on the way to success.

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