According to the diverse needs of customers, there is a high demand for renting various types of bicycles for different purposes. These purposes include roadshow advertising, cycling events, promoting public health, supporting environmental causes, engaging in sports activities, and catering to the growing trend of cycling tourism for both domestic and international tourists. To assist you in finding and renting bicycles easily based on your requirements, we have compiled a list of five bicycle rental places in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC):

1. Kuda Media Company Limited (Kuda Media) - Event Bicycle Warehouse:
- Operating hours for bicycle return and pickup: available 24/7
- Convenient locations in the city center with parking facilities
- Offers a variety of bicycles:
- Retail rental and bicycle tour/company rental: priced at 90,000 VND per day
- Sports bicycles: retail rental for 120,000 VND per day, and 150,000 VND per day for bicycle tour/company rental
- High-end sports bicycles: retail rental for 180,000 VND per day, and 250,000 VND per day for bicycle tour/company rental
- Address: 470 Cao Thang, Ward 12, District 10, HCMC
- Phone: 0947482090
- Facebook:
- Availability of electric bicycles
- Capacity to rent 30 – 50 vehicles at a time

2. Vietnam By Bike Travel Company Limited - MTB Bicycle Warehouse:
- Address: 14/20B Ta Quang Buu, Ward 4, District 8, HCMC
- Phone: 0888541515
- Facebook:
- Operating hours for bicycle return and pickup: available 24/7
- Convenient locations in the city center with parking facilities
- Capacity to rent up to 320 units at a time

3. Vido Adventures - Tran Toan Bicycle Store in HCMC:
- Vido Adventures is a leading company in Vietnam that directly assembles, imports, and distributes bicycles. Tran Toan Bicycle Store, a part of Vido Adventures, supplies bicycles in large quantities to individuals and various organizations such as bicycle tour programs, event organizing companies, filmmakers, and roadshow programs.
- Tran Toan Bicycle Store is committed to providing high-quality vehicles. Their sports bikes are assembled with the best Shimano parts, ensuring durability and reliability during tours. The front suspension fork provides excellent shock absorption, making it suitable for all terrains in Vietnam. Additionally, the store offers 100% new bicycle models for events, photography, and movies. The dedicated service staff ensures a remarkable rental experience.

- Operating hours for bicycle return and pickup: available 24/7
- Convenient pick-up and drop-off locations in the city center with parking facilities
- Bicycle rental prices at Tran Toan Bicycle Store:
- Popular bicycles: retail rental and bicycle tour/company rental - 90,000 VND/day
- Sports bicycles: retail rental - 120,000 VND/day, and bicycle tour/company rental - 150,000 VND/day
- High-end sports bicycles: retail rental - 180,000 VND/day, and bicycle tour/company rental - 250,000 VND/day
- Address: 93A/7 Pham Dinh Ho, Ward 6, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City
- Phone: 0984834799 – Hotline: 0903768053

4. Mr Biker Saigon - High-Quality Bicycle Rental in Ho Chi Minh City:
- Located in the city center, Reno Biker Saigon offers a wide range of high-end MTB bikes for rent. Rental prices range from 115,000 to 345,000 VND/day, depending on the duration of the rental.
- Address: 307 Nguyen Duy Trinh, Thu Duc City, HCMC
- Phone: 0905084266

5. Doan Vi Nguyen Bicycles:
- Doan Vi Nguyen Bicycles is a leading bicycle supplier in Saigon, providing bicycle models from reputable brands such as Giant, Fonix, Asama, and Martin. Their product range includes various segments, from sports bicycles to children's bicycles and fashion bicycles, catering to different preferences.
- The rental price depends on the rental duration, and the company ensures transparent pricing by listing and publicly sharing the rental prices.
- The knowledgeable and experienced staff provides professional advice and answers any questions regarding the products and rental policies.
- Address: 196/38 Vuon Lai, Tan Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City
- Phone: 028 6288 1100 – Facebook:

Please note that, due to economic changes and address rotations, it is advisable to research and verify the information regarding the bicycle rental places in HCMC beforehand. Make sure to read and understand the rental policies and find the rental place that suits your needs.

Additionally, Asama Bicycle Rental is not mentioned correctly in the provided text and does not correspond to any of the mentioned locations.

Below is information shared about different types of bicycles that can help you choose the right bike for your specific needs:

1. Mountain bike:

- Designed with wide, high-grip wheels to handle mountainous, rocky, and forested terrains.
- Typically constructed with an aluminum alloy or cast metal frame for strength.
- Equipped with front and rear suspension systems for smooth operation on rough terrains.
- Features a high steering wheel for balance and to avoid obstacles on the road.
- Often comes with additional accessories such as water bags and flashlights.

2. Road bike:

- Built with small diameter wheels to provide traction and reduce wind resistance.
- Utilizes a carbon or aluminum alloy frame that is optimized for weight, flexibility, and rigidity.
- The handlebars are often tilted forward to minimize energy loss due to wind resistance.
- The brake system and transmission are optimized for achieving high speeds on flat roads while ensuring safety.
- Typically lacks accessories found on mountain bikes to reduce weight and increase speed.

3. City bike:

- Equipped with large diameter wheels for good traction and impact reduction.
- The vehicle frame is usually made from brass, which optimally supports the bike's weight.
- Features an independent braking system to minimize impact when braking.
- Thicker tires help reduce impact from road objects, along with a suspension system.
- Comes with additional accessories such as racks and lights.

4. Regular bicycles (Martin/Asama):

- Typically made of sturdy metal, providing reliability without being overly light.
- The saddle is usually large and soft, reducing shock when getting on and off the bike.
- Equipped with standard wheels and engine suitable for regular travel and city commuting.
- Accessories on the bike are minimal, and the price is reasonable.

5. Tandem bike:

- Specifically designed for multiple individuals to ride together.
- Features two saddles and two sets of foot pedals within one frame.
- The person in front stands to drive while the person in the back sits.
- Ideal for couples, families, or friends looking to ride together and create unique experiences.

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